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Our Story

What started as a commitment to bring healthy and satisfying daily bread to customers in 2013 remains at the heart of our establishment and growth.  We are inspired by our regular as well as new customers to continue creating nourishing and comforting breads and special treats like cakes and cookies that can all become a part of your everyday life.  Our breads, cakes and cookies are halal certified. Through this online store we are now bringing a fresh and familiar taste of home right to your doorstep! 


When you order from us for delivery within Singapore, you get the maximum benefit of freshly baked goods delivered right to your doorstep. And that’s not all; you support the local economy and help build the community in a big way!


We take great pride in using time honored recipes and methods to bring to you healthy, nutritious and delicious breads, cakes and cookies whether you choose to from our everyday range, speciality bakes or seasonal treats  


HALAL CERTIFIED and top quality ingredients are used to produce our full range of daily breads, cakes and cookies for you. Comforting, familiar, and nourishing with the flavours of home baked goodness.